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Who we are

Ma.C.S. is a dynamic company specialized in the processing of materials with “waterjet technology”.
We have a cutting area of 220 × 400 cm that can meet all needs.
Our strenght is the versatility: through waterjet technology we can process all common materials, we produce both in small and large runs, maintaining an excellent value for money.

Ma.C.S. also provides for the supply, processing and laying of the marble artifacts, like floors and coatings, on every surface.
Our company creates custom work with every material through the use of two robotized areas composed of two high precision anthropomorphic robots (7 interpolated axes); and these robotized areas represent the “state of the art” of the technology for the processing of stone industry!

The company operates with the most advanced software systems for 3D modeling, thanks to a high-performance scanner, suitable for scans both indoor and outdoor environments.
Through laser technology we can reconstruct 3D solid models from objects of any shape, size and complexity. The extreme precision of detection points and surfaces ensures a faithful reconstruction of the scanned object.
We can carry out 3D prints for a rapid prototyping, offering customers every possible technical solution.

We can also ensure the installation of the artifacts produced in our laboratories.

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A high quality standard allows to minimize finishing operations.



Material Cutting Service - Ma.C.S. S.r.l.
Via Primo Tonini, 32c - Gramolazzo 55034 - Lucca
Partita IVA 02337460469
Head office: +39 0583.1805282
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