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Marble processing technologies

Waterjet Cutting
Through the innovative waterjet technology we can cut almost any type of material with an incredible precision; our 5-axis waterjet can perform inclined cuts on uneven surfaces.
The thickness of the materials can be up to 250 mm in relation to the treated material.
Within the 40 mm, the tolerance on the cut it is of the order of 1/10 mm.
With this technique it is possible to cut prepainted materials, even if coated with a protective film and even pieces that have undergone a thermal treatment or semi-finished products, even if not perfectly flat.

Anthropomorphic robot
Two robotized areas composed of two high precision anthropomorphic robots (7 interpolated axes) represent the “state of the art” of the technology for the processing of the stone industry!
Thanks to the wide working area, up to 2.5 m in height, we can create a wide range of works of any size.
In additional to the large variety of tools for processing of all types of marble and stone, we can offer the opportunity of working materials for a rapid prototyping: plastics, polystyrene, resins, etc.
These machines and the powerful development software are located in our laboratories can perform complex operations with extreme ease: the results obtained on the creation of faces, human or abstract figures, have a unique quality.
From the scale model or from the solid model (created by the pc) to the realization on marble, stone or other material: it has never been so simple!

CNC milling center
We have a milling center CNC (5 interpolated axes) for processing blocks and slabs of marble, granite, natural-composite stone and glass.
It performs any type of drilling, milling, disc cutting, contouring, shaping, recessing, polishing, sculpting, engraving, chamfering, writing and any kind of 3D work.
With one of the largest areas of work on the market, this machine is able to produce in large quantities with surprising rapidity and precision.

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Inlays metal and marble

Our company is specialized in the production of inlays in multi-material, for example brass-marble, stainless steel-marble, wood-marble, etc.


Marble trading

For all types of processing required by your project, Material Cutting offers the opportunity to buy Italian Marble and imported marble of very high quality.
We treat a wide range of materials that will meet aesthetic needs of your project.


Marble processing technologies

The innovative cutting technology and processing marbles make Ma.C.S. a leading company in the sector.



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